Accumulating IMERS tokens in advance of the first metaverse property auction has become a mission for many of our members. With the understanding that the first Guildhalls will get the largest share of the token prizes people are starting to accumulate IMERS by retweeting, liking on Facebook and sharing IMERS LinkedIn posts. This means that competition in the first auctions will likely be pretty fierce.

Speedy, fun path to more tokens

There’s another way you can gather IMERS tokens that’s quick, easy and fun as well. Just install the immersive VR trading app into your Oculus and start performing test trades. Not only will you be in a better position to triumph in the first trading competitions, you’ll receive IMERS for every test trade you make (up to the first 100).

Then join the IMERS Discord and share your ideas to make the game even better.

See you in VR.