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Are you running a trading school or mentoring new traders?

Everyone teaching the craft of trading can use the fully functional and integrated IMERS platform to instruct the next generation of traders. IMERS is the trading platform that uses real-time, live market prices and the immersive properties of virtual reality to create a more effective way to absorb and share information.

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You provide the expertise and we’ll provide the tools

You will have a variety of tools available to you to teach and motivate your students.

  • Trading Hub
  • Virtual classroom
  • Guildhall presence
  • Private trading competitions

The IMERS Trading Hub

Customize your curriculum based on your needs. Our immersive environment is accessible on VR headset or computer. You decide on the asset range you want to use.

You will also have access to a digital whiteboard, customizable charts and a browser to share information with your class. Students and teachers communicate through a private audio channel.

Virtual classroom

The trading hub makes it possible for you and your students to work directly with live market information. But what about the times when a less immersive approach is required?

Your academy will also be provided with a customisable classroom that is less intense than the trading hub but more intimate than an online meeting. The virtual classroom allows you to create a personal relationship with your students while giving them access to your valuable trading knowledge.

Guildhall presence

As a training academy leader, your account will include a free Tier I Guildhall in the IMERS Metaverse. You can use the Guildhall to advertise your academy to the broader IMERS community.

You can also incentivise your premium students by offering them Trading Guild membership for achieving milestones set by you.

In addition to your Metaverse presence, the Tier I Guildhall comes 5 Guild memberships. These hold the right to take part in IMERS large cash prize competitions and our LIVE e-sports tournaments run 4 times a year.

Private Trading Competitions

Motivate your students by creating private academy wide trading competitions. You are provided with a dashboard to set up the competition so it fits in with the curriculum of your trading academy.