GAME is the online trading game that let’s you pit your skills against other traders battling for prizes and the right to say they are the best traders in the world. Win competitions and earn IMERS rewards to build your presence in the metaverse and the opportunity to earn prizes from our sponsors.

A new game starts every few minutes so play in VR or on your computer. Soon, you’ll be able to also play IMERS on your phone.


THE IMMERSIVE VIRTUAL REALITY TRADING HUB lets you understand markets in an entirely new way by immersing you in world of data. You are surrounded by the markets and absorb information in a way that was not possible before the invention of virtual reality trading, where you can SEE, HEAR and FEEL the markets in real time. The data comes alive.

Our team of data scientists and VR engineers are hard at work inventing new ways to continue to give you a competitive edge over other traders. Come to one of our meetups to learn more about exciting new developments in VR trading gameplay.

Don’t own a VR headset or want to play when VR is not convenient? Don’t worry. You can play the game just as easily on your computer through the IMERS app. Soon you will be able to play IMERS on your phone.


A new game starts every few minutes and runs 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. You and 7 randomly selected traders are given a virtual $10,000 dollar account to trade and access to live market data piped in from the world’s largest exchanges. How and what you trade is up to you.

The 3 best traders in each game win gems and every day at 00:00 UTC we announce
the traders on Discord that made the most gems over the previous day crowning them the IMERS token winners of the day.


The IMERS Coin


IMERS powers all Metaverse transactions. First, use IMERS to found a Nomad Guild. Nomads can use their IMERS to buy and move into a Metaverse Guildhall. The Guildhall homes your web 3.0 presence, unlocking the ability to withdraw and spend some of your prize tokens*.

Guildhalls reflect the personalities of their masters. Pick from the portfolio of existing buildings and assets, design your own or find a Guildhall artist in the bazaar to design a Guildhall that matches your personality. Decorate the Guildhall with NFTs, both outside and in the internal communal spaces. Most importantly, Guild War competitions with prizes from our sponsors launch every month in Stock. Crypto, and FX trading.

Start collecting IMERS tokens today by winning as many sprints as you can and by introducing friends to the IMERS trading game. You can generate further rewards by following us on social media or helping the community in a dozen different ways.

* Software versions from Oculus and Steam prohibit any cashouts from your in-game account.


Winning IMERS and earning them by introducing new players to the game gives you the tokens you will need to establish a Guild. Founding a nomad Guild is the necessary first step to owning land and Guildhalls in the IMERS Metaverse. This will open the door to participation when we launch BIG PRIZE sponsor competitions and tournaments in 2023.

You can use the standard buildings and assets in the metaverse or bring your own skills or artists to adorn your Guildhall to match your personality and decorate it, both outside and in the communal spaces.

Most importantly, there are Guild War competitions every month in Stock, Crypto, and FX trading where Guild traders compete for valuable prizes from our sponsors.

Meet our team