For years I have been trading while squinting at my phone or laptop screen. Trading from screens is just not ideal.  Other traders I know either use a giant 4K monitor or 6 monitors set in a ring, each exchange and broker on its own screen, so they have all the information in front of them that they need to trade. But that kind of set up requires a lot of physical space and is expensive.

Immersive trading through a VR headset removes all these limitations. Instead, it plunges you into a sea of information where there are absolutely no limits. In immersive trading you have complete access to all the information you need, anytime you want, presented to you in a very comfortable way. If you want you can even trade laying back on a futon or sofa.

If you own a virtual reality headset you will be able to be one of the first people in the world to try VR trading. The Immersive VR Trading Metaverse Game gives you a no-risk opportunity to try trading in VR, along with the chance to win valuable prizes in the trading game. Sign up today and receive 100 IMERS tokens as our gift and you will be first in line for the launch of the game in a few weeks!