CyberTools Metaverse: Back to the Future

By Marcie Terman CyberTools COO

Anyone who has ever worked on a trading desk or as part of a trading group knows that the way we trade now hunkered down alone in front of our computers is not ideal.

Being a trader was a kinetic experience as your attention bounced around with the energy in the room.  At any given moment you could listen in on phone conversations with other fellow traders, like the trader sitting next to you about to place a big buy order he was splitting into tranches to keep others from knowing he was putting on a position.  Or tracking The Cable (GBPUSD) when it started to move. Debating over the current events and how that might affect trade behaviour. Or just having the recent grad sitting across for you asking you whether you thought it was a good idea for him to start selling put options to make enough money to pay off his student debt. [PLEASE DON’T DO THAT!!!]

The CyberTools Club is putting collaboration back into the trading experience and they are doing it using virtual reality tech. “Pit trading died 20 years ago and because of COVID many traders are opting not to return to the office most days,” says Gavin Smith CEO at Panxora. “This means that traders no longer benefit from working alongside others that may have useful information to share. It also means that competitive spirit that drove traders is harder to access as well,” continues Smith.

That’s the reason The Panxora Group is backing the CyberTools Metaverse project. CyberTools is creating a trading hub that uses virtual reality technology to immerse traders in a data rich world where they use visual, auditory and haptic inputs (the variable vibration that VR hand controls provide to simulate movement) to absorb information about the cryptocurrency markets to make better trading decisions. And it’s a hell of a lot more fun than sitting alone working on your device.

There are many features the immersive trading hub offers that were not possible before the invention of VR that will benefit CyberTools Club members. But the CyberTools Metaverse will also offer features that make trading a more rewarding experience.

This is in VR, so information can be physically manipulated, pushed away from you if not important or pulled towards you if it is something you need to know. So, listening to news feeds, surrounding yourself with live charts, talking directly to your mates and placing live trades, all within your headset will restore the vibrancy of the experience of trading which has been lost in recent years.

Panxora has seeded the initial £500,000 needed for development of the CyberTools project. The founders are now engaged in a private funding round looking for £2.5m for equity plus tokens in the company to continue their aggressive development plans which include rapid scaling of the club’s membership.

Suitable investors can find out more by setting up a meeting here.