CyberTools Metaverse Project Update – 27.04.22

By Marcie Terman CyberTools COO

We are now putting the rails in place to allow early members of our community to start gathering IMERS tokens in advance of the game launch. The way the game is constructed there is a HUGE cash benefit to getting land early in the game even if you are not a master trader yet. So all of you reading this blog, stay tuned, shortly there will be important information coming up that will be really valuable.

Here’s this week’s information update.

Full City Creation Speed Test

This week the team successfully delivered full dynamic city creation. We’re now able to render a complete customized city environment ‘instantly’ when a user enters the metaverse. Next week the dynamic creation team are focused on delivering realistic light and shadow rendering across the entire city. This will provide the necessary foundation for realistic time and season representation.

Lobby 1 gets a face lift

In a break from the full-on work of delivering building components for the metaverse, our team of artists took some time to add some fun to the Guildhall lobbies. This includes trays of donuts and cakes, plus piles of gold coins.

Game mechanics updates

Our game design team are putting the finishing touches on FAST TRACK trading competitions. These will be rapid fire day trading contests that will take place in a paper trading environment. Traders will compete over a 24-hour period to earn IMERS tokens which are staked to hold Guildhall land. Staking tokens for land where a Guildhall can be located is a pre-requisite to participate in the CyberTools Metaverse Game.

Not a member of the club yet? You can join now, it’s free.