CyberTools Metaverse Project Update – 19.04.22

By Marcie Terman CyberTools COO

It seems like things are starting to move much faster at CyberTools. Not only is the game development proceeding slightly better than expected, our outreach to investors is going extremely well. We are welcoming a new advisor to the team. Also, we have also kicked off our community development initiative and I expect to be making some really exciting announcements in the coming weeks. I will keep you in the loop when I know more.

Here is the progress report for this past week.

Trading hub development

It is now possible to increase the size of windows as well as move them backwards and forwards. It is also now possible to extend the reach of window positioning beyond the length of your arm by using the remote joystick.

Metaverse Development

Initial Dynamic Plaza Creation Tests Complete

One of the challenges to the CyberTools Metaverse is the ability to create plazas that capture all the variation of the game. Guildhalls of different sizes, trophies specific to the guilds and the unique 3D sculpture that will identify each unique plaza. In the case of Prime Plaza – the Rotating Golden Bitcoin that sits on top of the central fountain.  This must work in even the Oculus headset, arguably the lowest spec hardware where CyberTools metaverse will need to work.

The Dynamic Creation team this week successfully created a plaza built from the “in-game” data model supporting flexible Guild building design and size generated dynamically from the data store. This task completed in less than 500 ms. This overcomes the limitation that you see in some poorly designed metaverse projects where the player has to stand and wait for the environment to ‘build around them’ which can take several minutes to complete and spoils the immersive quality of the game.

Customised Guildhall Programme Commences

One of the features of the CyberTools Metaverse game is that Guilds will be able to create Guildhalls that uniquely express the personalities of the founders. This is possible because of CyberTools hyper-efficient Dynamic Creation Framework. One of the first designs the design team has created is in the style of New York’s One Worldwide Plaza. This mixed use building designed by David Childs of Owings, Skidmore and Merrill and was completed in 1989. Famously, the construction was documented in the Channel 4/PBS mini series – Skyscraper: The Making of a Building. It is part of a gracious 3 building complex in New York’s Hells Kitchen and at one time stood alone among the less salubrious tenements and industrial buildings that made up NY’s far west side in the 50 blocks.

Though WorldWide Plaza is constructed of granite over precast concrete, CyberTools Guilds will be able to ‘skin’ the Guildhall in a variety of materials to reflect the character they want to create for their Guild.

First Level Guildhall Lobby Developed

Another key feature of the CyberTools Metaverse game is the Guildhall Lobbies, which will become an informal communications resource for the Guilds to use. Members will be able to use the space to privately plan their game strategy or open the space up to non-Guild members as they choose. The size of the Lobby is driven by the number of tokens staked to create the Guildhall but members will be able to decide if the space is public or private and populate the lobby with items such as news screens, laptops where club members can wear their avatars to socialise, browse the internet, or just chill.

Spending time in the CyberTools.Club is encouraged and members rack up influence points for their Guilds by different types of participation.

Dan Petrovic – Institutional Sales Advisor

Seasoned financial professional Dan Petrovic has joined the CyberTools team to advise on institutional sales and developing immerse trading products for professional investors. With a background both in conventional finance and working for companies in the professional digital asset industry, we are delighted to welcome Dan to the team.