ByteDance’s founder, Zhang Yiming, expressed his frustration in a video conference with the company’s gaming team in September 2022. The meeting showcased his desire for faster growth in the gaming division, but also raised concerns about the timeline for success in the gaming industry.

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, has been investing in its gaming division, Nuverse, for four years. However, concerns were raised when one of its game studios, Moonton, failed to meet user growth expectations. Despite expanding its workforce, Moonton fell short of desired user numbers.

During the video conference, Zhang expressed frustration with the lack of progress at Moonton. He questioned the viability and long-term prospects of the gaming business, revealing impatience with the team’s failure to meet his expectations and align with his ambitious vision for the division.

Zhang’s impatience raised doubts about his leadership and decision-making in the gaming sector. It became evident that he was dissatisfied with the division’s slow growth and sought quicker results. However, this impatience also shed light on the challenges faced by ByteDance in the highly competitive gaming industry and the limitations of Zhang’s vision.

ByteDance’s entry into the gaming industry was a strategic move to diversify its revenue streams beyond TikTok. Recognizing the growth of the gaming market, ByteDance saw an opportunity to tap into this industry. However, the company’s impatience in expecting immediate success and rapid growth revealed a lack of understanding of the complexities and challenges in gaming.

The September 2022 video conference with the gaming team marked a turning point for Zhang and ByteDance. It compelled them to reassess their strategies and approach towards the gaming division. The lack of progress at Nuverse and Moonton prompted Zhang to question the timeline for achieving success in the gaming industry. The conference also underscored the need for improvement and the importance of aligning the gaming team’s efforts with Zhang’s vision.

Despite setbacks, ByteDance remains dedicated to its gaming ambitions. The company acknowledges that building a successful gaming division takes time, perseverance, and understanding of the industry. Zhang’s impatience served as a wake-up call, reminding the company of the challenges it faces and the necessity for a realistic and sustainable growth strategy.

Moving forward, ByteDance will prioritize refining its gaming vision, setting achievable expectations, and providing the necessary resources and support to its gaming team. The company recognizes the significance of nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and creating high-quality games that resonate with users. By learning from past mistakes and addressing the limitations of their vision, ByteDance aims to overcome challenges in the gaming industry and establish a strong presence.

In conclusion, Zhang Yiming’s impatience and frustration during the video conference with ByteDance’s gaming team highlighted the company’s high expectations for faster growth in the gaming division. However, it also revealed the limitations of Zhang’s vision and raised concerns about the timeline for success in the gaming industry. ByteDance’s venture into gaming serves as a reminder that building a successful gaming division requires a realistic and sustainable growth strategy. By recognizing past mistakes and addressing challenges, ByteDance aims to establish itself as a major player in the competitive gaming industry.