In today’s fast-paced society, in-car entertainment has become an important factor when buying a vehicle. To meet this demand, XPENG, a global smart electric vehicle company, has partnered with Ludium Lab, a technology firm specializing in cloud gaming platforms. Together, they have created XPLAY, an innovative entertainment solution for XPENG car owners. The goal is to provide a cutting-edge cloud gaming experience that enhances the journey and offers enjoyment.

XPLAY integrates the Twine4Car platform and app store, giving XPENG car users easy access to a variety of games. Powered by Ludium Lab’s advanced cloud gaming platform, XPLAY offers a wide range of PC, mobile, and console games, including exclusive titles. With XPLAY, gamers can enjoy seamless gaming with 60 frames per second Full HD games on the XPENG infotainment screens, even while on the move.

One advantage of XPLAY is its convenience. Users no longer need to download games, eliminating storage limitations and time-consuming downloads. This cloud-based gaming solution allows XPENG customers to instantly access their favorite games through the infotainment system, making gaming hassle-free on the road.

In addition to convenience, XPLAY includes parental controls to ensure a safe and age-appropriate gaming environment for young passengers. Parents can relax knowing their children can enjoy entertainment without compromising safety.

To make cloud gaming for in-car displays a reality, Ludium Lab collaborated with ACCESS, a provider of IT solutions. By combining ACCESS IVI technology with Ludium Lab’s cloud gaming platform, the two companies integrated SoraStream into the Twine4Car platform. This collaboration creates a streamlined and immersive gaming experience for XPENG users.

XPENG is known for its commitment to developing clean, intuitive, and innovative mobility solutions. With headquarters in Guangzhou and Amsterdam, XPENG continues to advance its technological offerings, including autonomous driving capabilities and in-car infotainment systems.

The partnership between XPENG, Ludium Lab, and ACCESS highlights the growing importance of in-car entertainment in the automotive industry. As technology advances, consumer expectations evolve, and automakers prioritize advanced entertainment systems to provide an immersive experience for drivers and passengers.

In an era of connectivity and entertainment, XPENG’s collaboration with Ludium Lab and ACCESS demonstrates their commitment to innovation. Using cloud gaming technology, XPENG car users can enjoy a state-of-the-art entertainment experience that surpasses traditional in-car systems.

With XPLAY, XPENG has created a unique mobility experience tailored to the needs of modern drivers and passengers. Whether on a road trip or navigating city streets, XPENG car users can enjoy audio, gaming, and video entertainment, making every journey memorable.

The partnership between XPENG, Ludium Lab, and ACCESS marks a significant milestone in the evolution of in-car entertainment. By harnessing the power of cloud gaming, XPENG has revolutionized how we engage with entertainment on the road, offering a wide range of games and a seamless gaming experience. This partnership showcases the commitment of both companies to delivering cutting-edge technology and premium content to enhance the mobility experience.

As the automotive industry progresses, we can expect further innovations that redefine entertainment on the move. XPENG’s collaboration with Ludium Lab and ACCESS sets a high standard for in-car entertainment, providing a glimpse into the future of mobility. With XPLAY, XPENG car users can look forward to an immersive and enjoyable entertainment experience every time they drive. Mundane car rides are now a thing of the past.