In 1998, a video game called StarCraft changed competitive gaming forever. It became popular, especially in South Korea, and turned into a national obsession. Even today, StarCraft still has a huge impact on esports.

StarCraft became an esport in the early 2000s and gained a big following in South Korea. It had a balanced mechanics, focused on strategy, multitasking, and resource management, which appealed to players and showed its potential as a competitive game. As StarCraft became more popular, professional players became heroes in South Korea and were celebrated for their skills and achievements.

South Korea’s love for StarCraft led to the professionalization of esports. Organizations were created to support and nurture talented players, offering contracts and salaries to those who were really good. Tournaments and leagues with big prizes were established, bringing the competitive scene to new levels. StarCraft’s success inspired gaming communities in other countries like the United States, China, and Europe.

StarCraft’s influence went beyond its own success. Many professional players who started with StarCraft went on to be successful in other games because of the skills they learned. StarCraft’s strategies and mechanics have had a lasting impact on competitive gaming.

International tournaments made StarCraft even more popular worldwide. Players from different countries competed against each other, making StarCraft a respected esport. This also showed that a strong esports infrastructure was important, leading to the development of dedicated arenas, streaming platforms, and training facilities.

StarCraft’s impact continued with the release of its sequel, StarCraft II, in 2010. It attracted both old and new fans and maintained the strategic depth and balanced gameplay of the original. The game has an active competitive scene with regular tournaments.

There’s no doubt that StarCraft has a lasting legacy. It showed that video games can be competitive and influenced the professionalization of esports. It also inspired gaming communities and the evolution of gameplay mechanics in other games.

Even today, StarCraft captivates players and spectators with its strategy and exciting matches. It’s considered one of the most influential and enduring esports titles.