Blockchain-based trading card game Gods Unchained has launched Season 2, Far Horizons, in partnership with Amazon Prime Gaming. This collaboration aims to expand the game’s reach and provide exclusive content for Prime Gaming members. Season 2 introduces new mechanics, card crafting, and the exciting addition of God Powers to enhance the gameplay experience and attract both existing and new players.

The collaboration between Immutable Games and Amazon Prime Gaming aims to bring Gods Unchained to a wider audience. Prime Gaming members can link their in-game accounts to access exclusive items, giving them an advantage in battles.

Season 2, Far Horizons, includes the Tides of Fate expansion set, featuring 142 cards, including nine in-game-only “chained” cards. These cards not only deepen gameplay but also add strategic elements.

A key feature of Season 2 is God Powers, which allow players to use powerful abilities that can sway battles. These powers introduce a new layer of strategy and excitement.

In addition to gameplay updates, Gods Unchained has implemented a Content Creator Program. This program rewards community contributors with $GODS tokens and increased visibility, fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration.

The partnership with Amazon Prime Gaming serves as a platform to reach a mainstream audience. With over 200 million members, Gods Unchained has the opportunity to expand its player base and introduce more people to blockchain-based trading card games.

The collaboration also serves as a testing ground for attracting and retaining players. The conflict between the Dragons and Mechs factions influences the creation of legendary cards and a cosmetic card back, adding strategic depth and excitement.

Gods Unchained plans to launch on mobile devices to further expand its reach and appeal to a larger player base. The goal is to create a standalone gaming experience that appeals to trading card game enthusiasts and casual gamers.

The launch of Season 2 and the collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming mark an exciting new chapter for Gods Unchained. With exclusive content, innovative mechanics, and a focus on expanding its player base, the game aims to become a leading force in the trading card game world.

As Gods Unchained evolves and reaches a wider audience, it becomes clear that the game embodies innovation, strategy, and captivating gameplay. It brings players together in a vibrant and thriving community. So, get ready to embark on a new adventure in Season 2 and discover the limitless possibilities of Gods Unchained.