Samsung recently announced a range of significant updates to their 2021 TV models, positioning themselves as influential players in the gaming industry. With version 2500.0, Samsung is set to revolutionize gaming in households worldwide. Get ready to be amazed by the exciting features and expanded gaming options that Samsung has in store.

One notable advancement is the integration of the Gaming Hub into the 2021 TV models. Initially launched in 2022, this hub allows users to access various gaming options directly from their living rooms. No longer do you need a separate gaming console – now all you need is a Samsung TV to immerse yourself in gaming.

But Samsung’s innovations don’t stop there. They are taking gaming to new heights with the introduction of Boosteroid, a groundbreaking cloud streaming service. This service enables users to play games from platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, and on a remote high-end PC. The best part? Expensive hardware upgrades are no longer a concern. Boosteroid delivers seamless gameplay directly to your Samsung TV.

Samsung has also partnered with Microsoft, giving Samsung users access to popular titles like Call of Duty through Boosteroid. This collaboration opens up a world of possibilities, allowing gamers to explore a vast library of games and experience high-quality gaming on their Samsung TVs.

And what about older TV models? Samsung ensures they are not left behind. Boosteroid is included in the Gaming Hub interface for older models as well. Samsung recognizes the importance of catering to loyal customers and ensures that even older TV models can benefit from cloud gaming. Supported cloud gaming apps on older Samsung TVs include Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now, Amazon’s Luna, Utomik, Antstream Arcade, and Blacknut Cloud Gaming. Samsung is committed to delivering a comprehensive gaming experience across all their TV models.

In addition to gaming enhancements, Samsung has improved app availability on their TVs. The 2021 models now support individual app downloads, giving users the freedom to enjoy a wide variety of applications. This update brings convenience and versatility to users, transforming their Samsung TVs into entertainment and productivity hubs.

The global rollout of these updates demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to continuous innovation and enhancing the user experience. With their smart TVs capable of running cloud gaming apps like Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now, Samsung solidifies its position as a leader in the gaming industry.

The integration of Boosteroid and the expanded Gaming Hub interface on newer models further strengthens Samsung’s leadership in gaming. By bringing together gaming enthusiasts, popular gaming platforms, and cutting-edge technology, Samsung is revolutionizing the way people consume and enjoy video games.

As the world embraces technology, Samsung’s commitment to enhancing the gaming experience on their TVs reflects their dedication to meeting the evolving needs of their customers. With these transformative updates, living rooms worldwide are poised to become ultimate gaming destinations.

In conclusion, Samsung’s latest updates to their TV models, including the integration of the Gaming Hub and the introduction of Boosteroid, have truly transformed the gaming landscape. These advancements provide users with unparalleled access to a wide array of games, whether through cloud streaming services or individual app downloads. With Samsung leading the way, the future of gaming on TVs shines brighter than ever before. Get ready to elevate your gaming experience with Samsung!