Release notes for Web UI – – Social & Messaging Version 5.9

Let grow out competition community with some great new tools. You will now see a new and interactive Social Dashboard menu item available on the IMERS web service. This allows the traders to grow a community via friend requests, messaging tools and online status updates, this is great for gaining knowledge from those top competition traders.

Features and enhancements

  • New social dashboard provides the trader with an area to request friends, check their online status and even message them.
  • Support community control measure tools, will allow a trader to block and report other trader when appropriate.
  • Begin tutorial update on the trading dashboard to support new comers to the tool.

Bug fixes

  • Begin tutorial walk through loop. RMAAS-1197
  • Registration page not displaying on iphone (mobile portrait screen). & is not loading on a mobile phone devices when in portrait mode. This is still accessible via the WEB UI on tablets, laptops, desktops and VR devices. RMAAS-1156
  • Account dashboard error when trading above 10x e-12 figures. RMAAS-1182
  • Live account mode account deletion. On the Cybertools mode in the accounts menu item the account deletion causes the UI to blank out. A refresh of the browser address will return the trader to the service.

Known bugs

  • Pending competition end time incorrect: RMAAS-1146
  • Trader can not currently change password. RMAAS01181.