* This release has been pack with significant features and updated functionality. From the addition of weekly and monthly available competitions, the player can also place trades across an increased number of market symbols. Multiple charting has also been released to support the tracking of several varying exchange markets on the same screen or across multiple browser tabs. *

Features and enhancements

* New weekly and monthly competitions to take part in. Now traders can join multiple competitions and play to earn IMERS tokens even faster.
* Additional tradable market symbols available in your trading hub for both the traders practice account and competitions e.g. ADA/USD, SOL/USD, DOGE/USD and more.
* Multiple charting features added. Traders can keep track of several varying exchange markets at the same time, offing more data exploration and further charting annotation while still keeping track of your position in each competition.
* Improved panel design to display more expandable information to the trader within the same browser tab.
* New glass theme added to trading dashboard. Users can now select between light, dark and glass themes.
* Improved web socket services to support quick transition between practice and competitions accounts. Your positions, orders and leaderboards will now load almost instantly after selection. * Social messages improved timings for all sent messages.
* Added competition selection lists to Social dashboard. Allowing users for notification hub to check on competition positions, join new competitions and quickly switch to trading dashboard and enter already joined competitions.
* Removed old practice and competitions mode selection option to support multiple competition switching.

Bug fixes

* Competition start and end timer on occasion incorrect.
* Trading dashboard load time increased due to charting panel data.
* Removed link to old Cybertools Club service.

Known bugs

* Delay in loading price wall panel when entering trading dashboard – due to web socket connection occurring before required endpoint screens data.
* Delay in loading competitions panel when entering trading dashboard.
* Delay in loading joined and available to join panel data when entering social dashboard.
* Account dashboard pie chart component repeated refresh issue.