* After refactoring the entire public front-end, I am thrilled to extend an invitation to all users for accessing the mobile-friendly version of our web service. With the newly introduced play-to-earn feature and cash-out section, every trader now has the chance to upgrade to IMERSER PRO and collect their IMERS prize winnings in a public wallet address. *

Features and enhancements

* Traders can now create private competitions via the social dashboard, inviting both registered in-game users and external individuals who are not yet registered to join their exclusive contests.
* Private competitions will offer users the ability to refer friends to join in, allowing them to learn and enjoy the world of trading together. * Cash out your IMERS prize winning to a public polygonscan wallet address. Play and earn more with each competitions.
* We have activated Task Master notifications to help users earn enough IMERS quickly and upgrade to IMERSPRO, while also teaching them how to use the game effectively along the way.
* Two factor authentication is now no longer required to login to the game.
* The social dashboard now presents a summary of message information to assist with private competition invitations, task manager prize updates, and traders sharing their best strategies, among other features.
* The affiliate and community sections of the game have been relocated to a new section called Affiliates, which supports trader referrals and social networking prizes.
* By updating the competition timer and panel, we have improved the display to better assist traders in managing their time effectively.
* Coming soon Guild management.

Bug fixes

* Mobile trading window fell outside of screen. Traders can now make trades via a mobile device.
* Mobile view of login and registration fell outside screen and field not interactive. This has now been resolved.
* Duplicate profile icons appear on mobile devices. This is now displaying correctly.
* Referral codes now automatically populate registration field.
* Trading dashboard price wall appears vertical instead of horizontal. Now the price wall displays horizontal and can be scrolled by user.

Known bugs

* Account dashboard account history table no longer updating – This has been deprecated and a new table will be added in future release. * Delay in loading competitions panel switching between social panel and trading dashbaord. * Delay in message notification update. * Account dashboard asset list price and value columns no longer updating.