* This release has been a long time coming and I am very excited to see it arrive. We have see with the slow improvements and increase is components the game utilises the loading and download time for the service has steadily increased and caused players significant delays in registrations and logins after new version releases. *

Features and enhancements

* Improvement to public react user interface components. This has resulted in download times being reduced by 70% and loading time by 80%.
* Mobile friendly login and registration pages have been implemented.

Bug fixes

* Delay in loading price wall panel when entering trading dashboard – due to web socket connection occurring before required endpoint screens data.
* Delay in loading competitions panel when entering trading dashboard.
* Delay in loading joined and available to join panel data when entering social dashboard.
* Account dashboard pie chart component repeated refresh issue.

Known bugs

* Social panel if not closed on Social Dashboard can not be opened via the header notification icon.
* Competition panel does not show TIMER if large volume of joined competitions occurs.