WARNING : Update required – This release causes all previous versions up to to be deprecated.

With the Trading Hub’s new voice communication feature and sound controls now accessible, all traders can vocalize their top strategies to achieve the highest IMERS and compete for the title of the best trader with their loudest shout.

Features and enhancements

* Ready player me custom avatars with voice communications available across the plaza metaverse.
* Dynamic plaza generation with marketing now available.
* Sound menu setting features added to mute and control the noises made by background music, emotive cheers, people talking and other gaming sounds in plaza metaverse.
* Traders access the wrist menu by clicking rather than looking.
* Control menus now available on loading into trading hub and plaza from lobby bespoke to VR and Desktop version.
* The Trading Hub now includes a quick transition option on the wrist, enabling users to effortlessly switch to the lobby and plaza metaverse. * We have activated Task Master notifications to help users earn enough IMERS quickly and upgrade to IMERSPRO, while also teaching them how to use the game effectively along the way.
* By upgrading to IMERSER PRO through the cash-out section on the web service (https://app.imers.land), you can now activate the play-to-earn feature and claim all your prize winnings.

Bug fixes

* Wrist Menu: disappears when not looking at it, this is slightly unexpected behaviour.
* Microphone issue on MacOs desktop version of game. This has now been resolved.

Known bugs

* Delay in price wall appearance on first entry to the Trading Hub.
* Keyboard: There is no haptic response on the keyboard. Trader cannot tell if a keystroke has been accepted, apart from reading the display input.
* Trading Hub: Social panel appears way over my right shoulder.
* Scheduled maintenance message not displaying when required at start of game.