WARNING : Update required – This release causes all previous versions up to to be deprecated.

What can I say, in this release you will see more available competitions to take part in, an increased number of tradable market symbols, improved trading hub wrist menu with competition joining selection available, a demo walk around of guild plaza, improved backend and middle tier connections and services.

Features and enhancements

* New weekly and monthly competitions to take part in. Now traders can join multiple competitions and play to earn IMERS tokens even faster.
* Additional tradable market symbols available in your trading hub for both the traders practice account and competitions e.g. ADA/USD, SOL/USD, DOGE/USD and more.
* Updated look and feel of wrist menu with options to join new competitions, enter your existing competitions, hide and reveal data panels e.g. position, competitions, news, order and social and more.
* Demo walk-round available from the game lobby – this is a single user mode that will display some of the look and feel of the coming metaverse city guild plazas.
* Improved web socket services to support quick transition between practice and competitions accounts. Your positions, orders and leaderboards will now load almost instantly after selection.

Bug fixes

* Login Screen: Security pattern button not selectable on first load.
* Login Screen: Irrelevant keyboard pad appears in the login area even though it cannot be used.
* Trading Hub: Newsfeed on trade order windows not displaying list. When the news web articles are left out and the user restarts the application. The web news articles panels are displayed in correct positions but the newsfeed on the trade order window no longer displays the news feed list. To recover from this the user will need to close all open web news article panels and restart the application.
* Trading Hub: Newsfeed on trade order windows not displaying list. When user transitions from Trading Hub to Lobby and back to Trading Hub the Newsfeed panel appears blank.
* Trading Hub: Background audio disabled momentarily when first loading news article . When the news web articles is loaded from the trade order window the background audio momentarily stops working. * Trading Hub: Stats screen showing incorrect gems and IMERS data. * Keyboard: There is no haptic response on the keyboard. So I cannot tell if a keystroke has been accepted. This led to a poor experience of sending a message.
* Keyboard: There is no clearly labelled enter key. What acts as ‘Enter’ is in an unexpected location.
* Keyboard: The option to convert the keyboard to numbers/symbols is not working.
* Wrist Menu: Angle of menu is a little too vertical.

Known bugs

* Practice account position panel not showing any data. This is viewable in the trading hub.
* Keyboard: There is no haptic response on the keyboard. Trader cannot tell if a keystroke has been accepted, apart from reading the display input.
* Wrist Menu: disappears when not looking at it, this is slightly unexpected behaviour.
* Trading Hub: Social panel appears way over my right shoulder.
* Scheduled maintenance message not displaying when required at start of game.