This release has been pack with significant features and updated functionality. From the addition of the trader’s very own lobby, with social floor to ceiling communication panel. To the first implementation of an ambidextrous trading hub wrist menu with added newsfeed and social panels. This release will bring the trader closer to the trading market and support the growth of their IMERS trading community.

Features and enhancements:

  • New trader lobby with social panel. The user will now enter the game in the user lobby with a portal available to the Trading Hub and a floor to ceiling social panel.
  • Social features added. Trader can now grow their community of friends with social invitations and text message communications.
  • Stand-alone news panel. Previously the newsfeed panel was only accessible through the trade window. However now traders can have a floating panel available in the Trading Hub to quickly interact with to gain more relevant information about the markets
  • Ambidextrous wrist menu. We have implement the first phase of the wrist menu system. This allows trader to toggle on and of most panel object in the trading hub, transition between back and forth from lobby and view gaming statistics and more.
  • Updated splash screen with brand logo and game version.
  • Improved price socket subscribing. Added price web socket auto subscribe functions to deliver consistent price wall feeds.

Bug fixes:

  • VR pairing code require on each load of game. Traders are currently required to pair their VR headset each time they start the game.
  • Account name incorrect on trade window.

Known bugs:

  • Security pattern button
  • Newsfeed on trade order windows not displaying list. When the news web articles are left out and the user restarts the application. The web news articles panels are displayed in correct positions but the newsfeed on the trade order window no longer displays the news feed list. To recover from this the user will need to close all open web news article panels and restart the application.
  • Newsfeed on trade order windows not displaying list. When user transitions from Trading Hub to Lobby and back to Trading Hub the Newsfeed panel appears blank.
  • Background audio disabled momentarily when first loading news article . When the news web articles is loaded from the trade order window the background audio momentarily stops working.