* Charting has arrived to the IMERS land trading dashboard, bringing a completely new way to understanding the markets and supporting all trader competitions. *

Features and enhancements
* New charting panel added to the trading dashboard.
* Additional charting features include:

Timescale selection : 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour, 1 day.
Chart type selection: area, candle stick, line, column, jump line, marker, ohlc, range area, stick, step line, spline and more.
Flexible graphical controls to support zooming into prices and volumes.
Selection of indicator overlays and add-on charts: accumulation, bollinger bands, average true range, envelope and much more.
Choice of themes: dark or light.
Full screen chart capability added.
Quick market symbol search function.

* Chart market and exchange view saved when users switches between application menu items.
* Improvement made to price wall web socket to support long term use and fix issue with large volumes of markets and exchange prices being displayed.

Bug fixes

* Trader can not currently change password. RMAAS01181
* Password setting text needs to be updated to include the 8 character minimum requirement.
* Price wall socket refreshing connection every 30 seconds causing delay to updates. RMAAS-1241 * Begin tutorial functioning incorrectly due to chart panel addition. RMAAS-1235

Known bugs

* Competition start and end timer on occasion incorrect.
* Trading dashboard load time increased due to charting panel data.
* Chart last price label in orange currently incorrect showing first price on chart data. RMAAS-1264
* Chart timescale adjustment reset on occasion. RMAAS-1264