Red Bank Regional High School is collaborating with the Ridge Road Alliance, The Source, and the Tigger Stavola Foundation to host an event titled “Let’s Talk: Gaming, Gambling & Substance Abuse.” The purpose of this talk is to shed light on the addictive behaviors associated with gaming, gambling, and substance abuse. With a panel of experts and the option for anonymous question submission, this event aims to educate and empower attendees in making responsible choices. It is an opportunity not to be missed for those seeking valuable insights and strategies to deal with addictive behaviors.

Scheduled for Tuesday, January 23, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Red Bank Regional High School, this event has been designed to educate community members and is open to students, parents, and caregivers in the local area. The collaborative effort behind this event seeks to address the growing concern regarding addictive behaviors and provide a platform for discussion and support.

Suzanne Keller, the Supervisor of The Source RBRHS, emphasizes the significance of addressing these addictive behaviors and fostering open dialogue. The organizers aim to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to confront and overcome addictive behaviors. The event promises to offer not only valuable insights but also strategies for individuals and families grappling with these challenges.

Joining the panel is Mary-Kate Harty, owner and clinical director of Achievement Unlocked Mental Health Counseling, who brings a wealth of experience in mental health counseling. Her expertise aligns perfectly with the goal of educating attendees about the impact of addictive behaviors and the importance of seeking help.

Deidre Stamos Lonza, vice president and chief clinical officer of New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care, will also be part of the panel, sharing her extensive knowledge and insights into addiction. Her contributions will contribute to a comprehensive understanding of addiction’s complex nature and its effects on individuals and families.

Danielle Lehtonen, director of outpatient services at New Hope IBHC, will provide a valuable perspective on addiction treatment and rehabilitation. With her expertise in outpatient services, Lehtonen will shed light on the available resources and support systems for individuals struggling with addiction.

Luis Del Obre, prevention and treatment administrator at the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, will share insights into the world of gambling addiction. Del Obre’s expertise will help attendees understand the signs and consequences of gambling addiction, as well as the resources available for treatment and prevention.

Mitchell J. Ansell, an attorney and shareholder at Ansell, Grimm & Aaron, PC, will complete the panel, offering attendees information on the legal aspects surrounding addictive behaviors and the potential consequences individuals may face.

One unique aspect of this talk is the opportunity for community members to submit anonymous questions. This approach ensures that attendees can address their concerns and receive relevant and personalized information from the panelists. By tailoring the discussion to the specific needs of the community, the organizers aim to provide a more impactful and insightful experience for all participants.

The program organizers encourage community members to take advantage of this opportunity to gain knowledge about addictive behaviors, their causes, and effective prevention and treatment strategies. The presentation will cover topics such as gambling, online gaming, and substance abuse, providing a comprehensive understanding of these addictive behaviors.

The Ridge Road Alliance, The Source, and the Tigger Stavola Foundation are committed to supporting initiatives that promote community well-being. By hosting this talk, they aim to create a safe and supportive environment for individuals and families affected by addictive behaviors.

As the event approaches, excitement and anticipation are growing. Community members are encouraged to register and submit their questions anonymously to ensure a fruitful and informative discussion. The panel of experts is prepared to offer valuable insights, guidance, and resources to help individuals and families face the challenges of addictive behaviors head-on.

In conclusion, the upcoming talk on addictive behaviors at Red Bank Regional High School provides an opportunity for community members to learn about the impact of gaming, gambling, and substance abuse. With a panel of experts, anonymous question submission, and a commitment to educating and empowering attendees, this event promises to be an enlightening and supportive experience for all who participate. Don’t miss this chance to gain knowledge and make informed decisions regarding addictive behaviors.