Glorious, a well-respected gaming peripheral manufacturer, has recently revealed their latest products: the D 2 PRO and O 2 PRO gaming mice. These sleek and stylish peripherals not only deliver excellent performance but also offer various customization options, making them a must-have for serious gamers. In this article, we will explore the features and functionality of these mice, closely examining their design, performance, and pricing options.

When it comes to design, the O 2 PRO immediately stands out with its natural feel. The ergonomic design, coupled with a lightweight chassis and absence of holes, ensures a comfortable and clean grip. On the other hand, the D 2 PRO offers a claw-like position for quick and precise movements. Both models feature durable left and right switches capable of enduring countless clicks, guaranteeing longevity and reliability.

What sets these PRO gaming mice apart is the ability to customize sensitivity settings and button programming using the Glorious CORE software. This feature allows gamers to fine-tune their mice to suit their playstyle, providing a competitive edge in the virtual arena. Whether you require precise aiming as a sniper or rapid button response as a fast-paced player, these mice can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

In terms of performance, the D 2 PRO and O 2 PRO mice come in two variants: 1K and 4K/8K. While there is no noticeable performance difference between the two according to the reviewer, professional gamers who train for extended periods may notice subtle disparities. The 4K/8K models come with a larger receiver to accommodate extended polling rate profiles, offering enhanced stability and reliability. However, it is worth noting that this higher polling rate does reduce the battery life from an impressive 80 hours to 35 hours. Nonetheless, Glorious has made significant improvements in battery life, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay for extended periods.

Now let’s discuss pricing. The 1K variants of these mice are priced at $99.99 USD, while the 4K/8K models are priced slightly higher at $129.99 USD. The reviewer suggests that dedicated gamers who prioritize a higher polling rate should consider investing the extra $30 for the enhanced precision and responsiveness it offers.

In conclusion, Glorious has once again delivered excellent gaming mice with their D 2 PRO and O 2 PRO models. Whether you prefer the ergonomic feel of the O 2 PRO or the claw-like grip of the D 2 PRO, both mice offer solid options depending on personal preference. The absence of flashy lights and rainbow colors in the design gives these mice a modern and sophisticated look, appealing to gamers who prefer a more understated style.

The Glorious D 2 PRO and O 2 PRO gaming mice provide gamers with a powerful combination of performance, customization, and style. With their ergonomic design, durable switches, and advanced polling rates, these mice cater to both casual and professional gamers alike. While the 1K variants offer a more affordable option, the additional investment for the 4K/8K models may be worth it for those seeking the utmost precision and responsiveness. Glorious continues to impress with their dedication to producing top-tier gaming peripherals, and these PRO mice are no exception.