Over the past year public interest in cryptocurrency has grown exponentially. Headlines have been made by high profile investors like Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor buying bitcoin as well as the introduction of over $100bn dollars into the DeFi sector in just Q4 of 2020 alone. Yet these markets are not for the faint hearted as over the past year they have whipsawed, reaching new highs then falling precipitately, like they just did on September 7th. Professional investors committing to volatile investment like cryptocurrency will characteristically employ risk management software to limit exposure to big drops in account value. But up until now this kind of software has been available solely to the professional and the wealthy investor.

Panxora, a group of companies that specialize in cryptocurrency investments and investment services has released cloud risk management software that can be licensed by consumers investing in the cryptocurrency markets. Panxora’s Risk Management as a Service (RMaaS) links directly into an investor’s cryptocurrency exchange account. The software monitors the account’s digital asset holdings for increased volatility which can indicate the market is going to drop in value. It will then move account value from that asset into the safety of fiat currency waiting for the market to stabilize. When the market returns to a less volatile state the models will move value back into cryptocurrency, frequently at a much lower price. The benefit of this strategy is that by avoiding big losses the account returns to profitability far in advance of the market outperforming buy and hold. The user can track this on the RMaaS dashboard.

“We believe that cryptocurrency is at the start of a multi-year secular bull market,” stated group head and risk management specialist Gavin Smith. “That doesn’t mean that there isn’t still significant volatility in the markets. This means that RMaaS’s delivery of superior risk adjusted returns can be of real benefit to any cryptocurrency HODLer, regardless of the size of their investment.”

Marcie Terman, Panxora’s COO states, “We have developed a self-administered, easy to use dashboard that makes the service accessible to the general public. Traditionally it is only sophisticated investors that benefit from the rapid growth in new markets – cryptocurrency is breaking that model providing a more equitable spread of wealth amongst followers that have joined the movement early.”

It is not just bitcoin or ether that can be effectively risk managed by RMaaS. Over the next few months we will be regularly releasing coverage for new coins which are effectively risk managed by RMaaS.

RMaaS is available on the Panxora website