Sudbury-based company NORCAT has achieved a major milestone by receiving international praise for its groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) training program. NORCAT’s Certi-Fire VR program was honored with a highly prestigious award at the 2023 International VR Awards in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The VR Awards, organized by the Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR), is an eagerly anticipated event that recognizes excellence and innovation in the VR industry. Professionals and enthusiasts from around the world come together to witness the latest advancements and honor outstanding contributions.

NORCAT Studio, the creative division of NORCAT, has dedicated significant time and effort to advancing extended reality in recent years. Their hard work has paid off with the remarkable success of the Certi-Fire VR program, which has revolutionized fire alarm system training and certification in Ontario.

This groundbreaking program offers learners immersive experiences in a realistic and secure environment. Participants can engage in authentic scenarios, simulating laboratory exercises and practical tests within a VR setting. Through this approach, learners gain practical experience and can effectively demonstrate their skills.

NORCAT’s Chief Technology Officer Edward Wisniewski and Director of NORCAT Studio Andrew Kostuik represented the company at the 2023 International VR Awards event. Wisniewski expressed deep gratitude on behalf of NORCAT for being selected as the recipient of the VR Education and Training category. This recognition highlights NORCAT’s unwavering commitment to developing impactful virtual learning technologies.

Among the 12 nominated projects in the VR Education and Training category, the Certi-Fire VR program stood out due to NORCAT’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of VR training.

The award-winning Certi-Fire VR program has transformed the landscape of professional fire alarm system training and certification in Ontario. Its immersive and interactive features ensure that learners not only grasp theoretical concepts but also gain practical experience. This comprehensive approach sets a new standard for training programs in the industry.

NORCAT’s success in the international VR arena reflects the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence. The VR Education and Training of the Year award presented at the 2023 International VR Awards further solidifies NORCAT’s position as a leader in the field.

The livestream of the 2023 VR Awards was accessible worldwide, enabling VR enthusiasts and industry professionals from all over the world to witness the recognition of outstanding achievements in the VR realm. The ability to view the event online further emphasizes the global impact and reach of VR technology.

NORCAT’s recognition at the 2023 International VR Awards not only brings pride to the Sudbury-based company but also showcases the remarkable talent and expertise in the Canadian VR industry. The award serves as a testament to the innovative spirit and dedication of the NORCAT team.

As VR continues to revolutionize various industries, the acknowledgment of exceptional VR training programs like Certi-Fire VR reinforces the importance of immersive and interactive learning experiences. NORCAT’s achievement sets a new standard for VR education and training, inspiring others to push the boundaries of what is possible in the virtual realm.

In conclusion, NORCAT’s Certi-Fire VR program has rightfully earned international recognition at the 2023 International VR Awards. The program’s transformative impact on professional fire alarm system training and certification, along with its immersive and interactive features, has positioned NORCAT as a frontrunner in the VR industry. This prestigious award not only celebrates NORCAT’s success but also shines a spotlight on the remarkable talent and innovation in the Canadian VR landscape.