In a groundbreaking move, the NBA, MLB, and NHL have joined forces to launch a campaign called “Never Know What’s Next” to promote responsible gambling. With the rising popularity of sports betting, these prestigious leagues are taking proactive steps to educate fans about the risks involved and dispel the myth that it guarantees easy wealth.

Recognizing that many of their fans are young people, the campaign is specifically tailored to target this demographic. The NBA, MLB, and NHL have partnered with the National Council on Problem Gambling to educate this group about the potential dangers of gambling. Fans are encouraged to visit the council’s website,, for a wealth of resources and information on responsible gambling.

Keith Wachtel, the NHL Chief Business Officer, is committed to educating fans about responsible betting. Working closely with media and sportsbook partners, the NHL aims to inform fans about the risks of sports betting. The campaign emphasizes the unpredictable nature of gambling and dispels the belief that there are surefire ways to make easy money.

Casey Brett, the MLB Senior Vice President of Business Development, is proud to collaborate with the NBA and NHL on this important initiative. Together, these leagues are dedicated to ensuring that sports betting remains safe for all fans. By partnering with major sportsbook operators like DraftKings, Fanatics Sportsbook, FanDuel, PENN Entertainment, and ESPN BET, the campaign’s message can reach a wider audience.

Scott Kaufman-Ross, the NBA Senior Vice President Head of Gaming & New Business Ventures, highlights the importance of informing and educating fans about responsible gambling. The campaign focuses specifically on the younger demographic, aiming to promote responsibility and caution when participating in sports betting.

To maximize visibility, a 30-second commercial featuring support from the aforementioned sportsbook operators will premiere during the NBA’s highly anticipated In-Season Tournament match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Philadelphia 76ers, airing on TNT. This strategic placement ensures that the campaign’s message reaches a large audience on November 21 at 7:30 p.m. ET. The commercial will also be broadcast on linear television, further increasing its impact.

The core message of the campaign is clear: gambling should always be done responsibly and within established limits. By shedding light on the risks of gambling and debunking the idea of easy money, the NBA, MLB, and NHL aim to cultivate a culture of responsible gambling among their fans.

The involvement of the National Council on Problem Gambling reinforces the campaign’s focus on responsible play. With their expertise and resources, fans can access valuable information to make informed choices and avoid the potential harms of excessive gambling.

Given the growing popularity of sports betting, it is crucial for fans, especially young people, to understand the importance of responsible gambling. By joining forces, the NBA, MLB, and NHL are taking a proactive approach to educate and protect their fans from the potential risks of gambling.

In conclusion, the “Never Know What’s Next” campaign serves as a strong reminder that sports betting should be approached with caution and responsibility. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, the NBA, MLB, and NHL are taking a definitive stance to ensure the safety and well-being of their fans in the realm of sports betting. By promoting responsible gambling practices, these leagues are setting a new standard and reinforcing the importance of informed decision-making in the gambling landscape.