Join us and learn about an entirely new way to trade in immersive virtual reality, where you SEE, HEAR and FEEL the markets!

Before everything moved online, traders worked together on trading desks– sharing information and ideas. It’s much less productive staring at your phone trying to figure out what to trade. is about to change trading forever. is built on immersive VR trading technology built by CyberTools. The metaverse game will be the first use of this transformative technology which can run on any VR headset including the Oculus Quest. It will revive the tradition of the trade desk and merge it into a new paradigm where you can work with a team while you are surrounded by prices, charts, news and all the information you need to trade the markets.

Join us on through your Mac or PC – or in virtual reality on ALTspaceVR on June 15, 2022 at 4PM GMT. Register for the event here, on Eventbrite or directly on the ALTspaceVR platform.

You’ll need to set up an ALTVR account before the event.

To start collecting IMERS tokens in advance of the launch join