Cryptocurrency trading is about to change forever.

The the immersive VR cryptocurrency trading game has released the alpha version of the immersive VR trading hub. Alongside the release, we will start the Founder Membership Programme and the first of the trading competitions.

The IMERS VR trading environment surrounds traders with information, putting everything they need to trade literally within the reach of their fingertips. This takes the solitary activity of trading and transforms it into a riveting team sport where traders will work together to create winning strategies in competition for NFT awards and token prizes.

All you need to do is create an account, download the APK file into your Quest2 headset and start using the hub to place test trades. You can find the full installation guide here.

Members of the Founder Programme will receive the following benefits for their participation in the programme.

  • 50 IMERS tokensĀ  – linking your headset to an IMERS account.
  • 1 IMERS for every trade placed through the headset – up to 100 trades
  • 100 IMERS for any improvement made to the IMERS trading hub based on a suggestion by a player using the trading hub. Simply add your suggestions to the IMERS Discord Support channel.

IMERS tokens can only be earned before the token launch and will be needed to get a Guildhall in the IMERS Metaverse. So start earning tokens today.

Coming AUGUST 2 – Trading Competitions start!

You can earn IMERS in the day long trading competitions that will start soon.