Hi Crypto Gamers,

It’s now easier than ever to install and play the IMERS trading game in VR since we are now officially available through the SIDEQUEST app market. And this is made even easier because the SIDEQUEST app market can now be run right inside your VR headset.

If you’ve never used the SIDEQUEST app market before, you’ll need to change some settings in your VR headset to install and use it. Here is a link to a good, very brief video that shows you exactly what you need to do.

Now put your headset on and select the  icon to open the app menu. Select ‘unknown sources’ from the drop down menu to the right to find and load SIDEQUESTVR. Then, from the SIDEQUESTVR app store search for IMERS and load it into your headset.

Now all you need to do is set up security for the game and pair it with app.imsers.land on your phone or computer.

IMERS Headset Game App Security

First you create account security by either creating a numerical passcode or swipe pattern which will be used in future to unlock the game account on the headset.

Pair IMERS Headset Game App with app.imers.land on your smartphone or computer

There is a separate path for people who already have an account and another for those who have not set up an account on app.imers.land yet.  Select the correct option then add the six character code in the app.imers.land webpage to pair the headset game app with your app.imers.land account.

You are now ready to play. Your competition gem and coin winnings will be tracked in the app. At anytime you can play from the app on your computer if you do not feel like playing through the headset.