Greetings CyberTools / followers

June was a month where great progress has been made on – on the technical front, on the metaverse development front and on the community development front, all together.

Immersive VR Trading Hub Development

We are now working towards an alpha delivery date. For the Alpha Launch we will have live price data feeding the paper trading account. This will allow orders to be placed and filled inside of the immersive trading environment into each traders’ paper trading account.

We have kept to a rigorous delivery schedule based on the excellence and commitment of the team. You guys have done a great job, THANK YOU!

During June the team moved from canned data to implementing live market price feeds from 10 exchanges. This data is viewable on the price wall and through charts. New exchanges will be added to the roster of those accessible through the hub. You set up the price wall exactly as you want it covering all the markets you like to trade.

The place order functionality expanded from ‘market orders’ to include limit and stop orders. With order prices added through manipulation of the joysticks in your handset. The ‘Order List’ pad became functional. This allows you to track order flow from the placement of an order, through to where it is either filled or cancelled. And before you ask, yes, there will also be a filterable position pad so you can see your global market position as well as a position in each one of your exchange accounts. But that will be added after Alpha release as will many important bits of functionality.

Metaverse development

When I look at the development in the trading hub and see how far we have come in inventing a new way to trade, I am pleased. When I think of the metaverse, the virtual world we are creating I get really excited. Because it is in the metaverse that traders will form the relationships that turbocharge their performance in the trading competitions. Also, I walk around in Prime Plaza, right now, I’m the only avatar in the world. It’s lonely.

I look up at the model Guildhalls and I look forward to the time I will be walking around the plaza with other traders, looking up at my Guildhall! Imagining the NFT trophies my Guild will win!

During June we laid the groundwork for the dynamic plaza creation that will be needed to drive the metaverse experience for traders. This means that when anyone enters the metaverse they will do it at a point that is sensible for them. It will take into account what the other Guilds in that plaza have achieved over the intervening period when you were not online. Guilds may have increased the size of their Guildhall so they can accommodate new members, they will have won new NFT trophies, they may have changed what their Guildhall looks like. So when you enter the plaza it will present you with a view that is accurate at that point in time.

We finished the basic appointing of the 3 levels of guildhall lobby which reflect Guildhalls that can accommodate 5 traders – a basic lobby, 10 -15 traders – a mid tier lobby or 20 traders and above – a two story public space with plenty of room for Guild members to meet and talk about their trades. We’ve also made good progress towards the completion of the first penthouse. These duplexes will be premium apartments where Guild partners will be able to entertain their peers.

Community Building

The final part of IMERS I want to touch on is Community. Prior to June 2022 the community of was limited to the dedicated team that has devoted their time, energy and imaginations to the project. Gavin, Amna, Joe, Austin, Vijay, Wen, James, Dylan, Des, Andy and I jaw constantly about CyberTools and IMERS. In June we held our first event in ALTVR which introduced the concept of Immersive VR trading and the IMERS metaverse trading game to potential gamers. It was a great meeting and validated our assumption that people will enjoy what we are building. Everyone seemed to think that immersive trading was cool and they are looking forward to trying it out. You can view the brief video of the event on our YouTube page. Remember to like the video and subscribe for updates.

As noted at the start of this blog we are working towards late July Alpha release of the Immersive VR trading hub. If you would like to be considered to try the hub register an account on, join our discord server and enter your discord ID into the community page on the We’ll invite you to load the APK file into your VR headset to be the one of the first people on the planet who will try trading in immersive virtual reality.

As always, if you have questions, just join our Discord to talk.