Over 50 people attended the ALTVR meeting put together to jumpstart community building for the IMERS.land cryptocurrency trading game. There were people attending who had already started earning IMERS tokens and others who were interested in the bounty program. Some just saw the word ‘crypto’ in the event notice and thought there might be an opportunity.

Common to the attendees was their interest in trying out immersive trading. About 80% of the people using ALTVR are VR enabled. This means they are hot to try new ways to get the most out of their headsets. Once we explained the immersive trading hub. The way there are no limits to the number of markets that could be tracked simultaneously and how you could talk to people inside your headset while you trade, it became clear that many people would prefer immersive trading to trading from their computer or phones.

We recorded the event and over the next few days will put the clip together for publication.

Those who could not make the meeting can still start an imers account immediately by registering at https://app.cybertools.club. Upon registering a 100 IMERS bonus is added to the account. This will get traders started building the token stockpile they will need to stake their first Guildhall property in the IMERS metaverse.