Florida Tech and Visionary Training Resources (VTR) have partnered to introduce virtual reality (VR) technology into the College of Aeronautics’ curriculum. The goal is to enhance pilot training and equip students with the skills to operate transport category aircraft. This collaboration will integrate VR technology into the Advanced Aircraft Systems course, providing students with a realistic and immersive experience with flight deck controls.

Using handheld controllers, students will interact with flight deck controls, giving them a hands-on experience. VTR’s software, FlightDeckToGo, will be installed onto VR headsets, presenting students with a 3D rendering of a Boeing 737 NG flight deck. This system will include flight deck familiarization modules, improving the learning experience.

The decision to incorporate VR technology into pilot training was made after receiving positive feedback during VTR’s visit to Florida Tech in spring 2023. Students and instructors were impressed with the VR headset’s usability and how it improved their understanding of advanced aircraft systems.

Warren Pittorie, assistant professor and chair of flight education at the College of Aeronautics, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with VTR is revolutionizing pilot training. The integration of VR technology will bridge the gap between theory and practice.”

The integration of VR technology will complement traditional learning materials, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of operating air transport category aircraft, with a focus on the Boeing 737 NG.

To ensure the success of this endeavor, students will be encouraged to provide feedback on the VR headset’s usability and how it enhances their knowledge of advanced aircraft systems. This feedback will be shared with VTR and other faculty members, fostering continuous improvement of the VR technology.

The College of Aeronautics plans to incorporate additional instructional technology into traditional classes based on student feedback. This demonstrates the college’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of aviation education and providing the best possible learning experience.

The partnership with VTR was announced on January 29, 2024, solidifying Florida Tech’s commitment to embracing emerging technologies. The implementation of VR technology will take place later in the spring, offering students a new dimension of learning.

By integrating VR technology into the curriculum, Florida Tech’s College of Aeronautics is transforming pilot training. This approach will better prepare students to operate transport category aircraft by providing them with a realistic and immersive experience. Through VR technology, students will gain valuable insights into flight deck operations and enhance their understanding of advanced aircraft systems.

The partnership between Florida Tech and VTR marks a breakthrough in instructional technology, with VR technology revolutionizing pilot training. By offering students a hands-on experience and a 3D rendering of a Boeing 737 NG flight deck, the College of Aeronautics ensures students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for their future careers as pilots.

The College of Aeronautics will rely on student feedback to refine and enhance the VR technology. By incorporating the latest instructional technology into their curriculum, Florida Tech reaffirms their dedication to providing students with the best learning experience and positioning themselves at the forefront of aviation education.

As the partnership between Florida Tech and VTR takes flight, students can anticipate a transformative learning experience that prepares them for operating transport category aircraft. With VR technology as their co-pilot, they will gain confidence and skills to navigate the skies with precision. This collaboration sets a new standard for pilot training in the industry.