The EsportsU recently held the highly anticipated 2023 Collegiate Awards, a thrilling celebration of collegiate esports. This event showcased the talents and dedication of students from universities across the nation, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the gaming community.

One of the most coveted awards of the night was “Club of the Year,” which went to the Niner Esports Club from UNC Charlotte. Alexis Diamond and Pake Cary, the club’s co-presidents, proudly accepted the award on behalf of their team. UNC Charlotte’s Niner Esports Club has consistently shown commitment to fostering a thriving gaming community on campus, making them a deserving recipient of this honor.

The University of California San Diego was crowned “Team of the Year,” another significant recognition at the Collegiate Awards. This esports team has shown exceptional skill, teamwork, and determination, earning them this sought-after title. Their dedication to excellence has set them apart in the competitive collegiate gaming landscape.

Jorge Sanchez, former president of Niner Esports Club and current alumni advisor, received the “Collegiate Student Leader of the Year” award. Sanchez’s passion for esports and leadership skills have left a lasting impact on the gaming community at UNC Charlotte, serving as an example for future leaders in the industry.

EsportsU also recognized individual students through the “Scholars Collegiate Gaming Awards.” Valentin Cannon, the community events director at the University of Colorado, received this esteemed recognition. Cannon’s contributions to collegiate gaming events have made him a trailblazer in the industry, fostering a vibrant gaming culture on campus.

The University of Houston received the “Local Area Network of the Year” and “Collegiate Student Leader of the Year” awards, establishing itself as a leading institution in collegiate esports. These accolades demonstrate the university’s support for its esports community and dedication to nurturing future gaming leaders.

UNC Charlotte, Drexel University, Oklahoma University, University of Arizona, University of Illinois, Boise State University, and the University of Florida were also recognized for their contributions to the gaming landscape. These universities have created an environment that empowers students to excel in gaming and highlights the possibilities within collegiate esports.

The EsportsU’s 2023 Collegiate Awards also acknowledged Resorts World Las Vegas for promoting and hosting esports events, solidifying its position as a leading destination for competitive gaming. This recognition highlights the role of esports in driving tourism and economic growth in Las Vegas.

Overall, the EsportsU’s 2023 Collegiate Awards celebrated the achievements of students and institutions in collegiate gaming. Through their dedication, leadership, and skills, these individuals and communities have elevated collegiate esports, setting a standard for excellence in the gaming industry. The future of collegiate gaming looks brighter than ever, thanks to their efforts and the support from universities and organizations.