CyberTools Features Update V4.4

By Marcie Terman CyberTools COO

Track all your crypto exchange accounts in one place:

I don’t know about you but logging into 5 exchange accounts every day really annoys me. It feels like they are constantly logging me out exactly when I need to check them. That’s why in release 4.4 of the CyberTools.Club app, the dev team has solved this annoying dilemma by introducing View Only mode. Now, in addition to the exchange accounts you have connected to the app so you can risk manage or basket trade your crypto-assets, View Only mode means you can now toggle between all your accounts throughout the day, looking for opportunities or just to see where you are.

To set up View Only on a new account you just skip the step where you select a tool type. If you want to switch an account that is using a tool to View Only, select ACCOUNTS from the blue menu bar, pick the account you want to adjust and then select the ASSET ALLOCATION tab. Select CHANGE MANAGEMENT TYPE to select the VIEW ONLY button then COMMIT CHANGES.

Account Ranking

While you are watching how your trading is doing, you can now use your CyberTools.Club account to see how your trading stacks up against other traders using the app.
Account Ranking updates throughout the day showing if an account is ranked in the top, second, third or fourth quartile of crypto-traders using the app.

Performance stats upgrade

We continue to add performance metrics to the dashboard. In addition to ranking against other traders it is now possible to have a chart that tracks account performance for the full time you have had a CyberTools account, or toggle to a chart that shows the performance for the last 90 days of a nominal $100 USD investment or whatever fiat currency is used as the base currency of your exchange.

Dashboard Tutorial

To make sure that people get the most advantage out of CyberTools possible, the next time you log into the app you will be taken on a journey through all the available features in a brief tutorial.

Good trading everybody. Let us know what exchanges you would like added to the app.