Churchill Downs, famous for hosting the prestigious Kentucky Derby, is starting a big new project that will have a lasting impact. The company is building a high-tech gaming venue in downtown Louisville, with a massive investment of $90 million. This exciting addition will offer unmatched entertainment for visitors and has the potential to boost the local economy. The venue, called Churchill Downs Derby City Gaming Downtown, will open on December 6, 2023, and is expected to create 100 permanent jobs in Louisville, showing the company’s dedication to the city’s growth.

The entertainment venue will cover 43,000 square feet and will be located at 140 S. 4th St. It will have many attractions, including an open-air gaming area, sports bar, and wine and charcuterie lounge. Live music will also be performed on a stage, creating a truly memorable experience.

But this project is more than just entertainment. Churchill Downs knows how important it is to support the local economy. CEO Bill Carstanjen said, “We want to make Louisville a thriving city, and this new venue is part of our approach.”

The Kentucky Derby already has a big economic impact, bringing in $401,866,455 for Churchill Downs this year alone. With the addition of the Derby City Gaming Downtown venue, the company expects to contribute even more to the local economy.

The new facility will not only create jobs but also improve the visitor experience. Upgrades to the 3,700 premium seats will make them more comfortable with better views. There will also be 3,250 new standing room only premium tickets available. The paddock will be expanded so that racing enthusiasts can see the horses before each race.

In addition to gaming and entertainment, the venue will have a bourbon library for those interested in local spirits. Visitors can try their luck on 500 historical racing machines while learning about the sport’s history.

The venue’s opening is planned to coincide with the 150th Run for the Roses on May 4, 2024. This milestone event is expected to attract many visitors and further boost the economic impact of the Kentucky Derby and the new venue.

Churchill Downs is committed to growth, as seen in its ongoing renovations to the iconic Churchill Downs track. By improving hospitality and amenities in the clubhouse area, the company aims to provide an unmatched experience for all attendees.

Expanding its offerings will attract even more visitors to Louisville and establish Churchill Downs as a major player in the local tourism industry. With premium seating tickets for Kentucky Derby 150 almost sold out, the demand is high. The company urges people to get their tickets soon to ensure they don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience.

The new venue will not only provide entertainment and economic benefits but also generate an additional $10 to $12 million per year in prize money for Churchill Downs Racetrack. This money will enhance the racing experience and attract top horses and jockeys to compete in the Kentucky Derby.

As the completion of the new downtown gaming venue approaches, Churchill Downs Inc. celebrates this major milestone. The company’s growth in Louisville solidifies its position as a leader in the industry, offering world-class horse racing and a variety of entertainment options.

With a focus on delivering an exceptional Kentucky Derby 150 and boosting the local economy, the Churchill Downs Derby City Gaming Downtown venue will become a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists. Exciting times are ahead, where gaming, entertainment, and economic impact come together at one iconic location.