Be More Colorful, a company that offers immersive career exploration experiences, has had a significant impact on the education industry with its virtual reality program, CareerViewXR. This program allows students to explore different careers through 360-degree videos, changing the way career exploration is done.

CareerViewXR has gained traction in North Dakota as part of the state’s RU Ready career planning initiative. All public and private middle and high schools in the state now have access to this program, which provides students with a realistic and interactive opportunity to explore potential careers.

At the heart of CareerViewXR are 360-degree videos that give students an immersive experience of different work environments. They can enter a busy hospital, a high-tech engineering lab, or a vibrant art studio, allowing them to imagine themselves in various careers. Importantly, students can use CareerViewXR without a virtual reality headset, making it accessible to more students.

Recognizing the importance of expanding access to CareerViewXR, Be More Colorful plans to develop an app for different devices. This will ensure that the program can reach not only schools but also homeschool students, giving everyone the chance to explore and discover their career interests.

The company’s commitment to accessibility and transformative career exploration has gained attention. CareerViewXR is one of the top 33 semifinalists for the prestigious 2023 Yass Prize, an annual competition that celebrates innovative educational programs. Additionally, CareerViewXR is a contender for the Yass Prize Parent’s Choice award, which will be decided by public voting.

Matthew Chaussee, CEO of Be More Colorful, expressed gratitude for the recognition, saying, “We are thrilled to be acknowledged for our efforts in revolutionizing education and making career exploration more accessible. Our mission is to inspire students to dream big and discover their true potential, and CareerViewXR is proof of that.”

But Be More Colorful’s commitment to providing an immersive and realistic experience goes beyond the virtual world. As part of the Yass Prize competition, the company is preparing for an in-person boot camp where they will demonstrate the power of CareerViewXR to a panel of judges and educators. This boot camp will allow Be More Colorful to show firsthand the impact of their program and solidify their position as a leader in career exploration.

While CareerViewXR has already made progress in North Dakota, Be More Colorful aims to win the $1 million grand prize from the Yass Prize competition. With this funding, they plan to expand access to CareerViewXR nationwide, ensuring that students across the country have the opportunity to explore their career interests in an engaging way.

The recognition and success of CareerViewXR highlight the growing importance of immersive technologies in education. Virtual reality, a computer-generated simulation that creates a realistic environment, has the potential to change how students learn and prepare for their future careers. By providing a close look at different professions, CareerViewXR equips students with the knowledge and inspiration they need to make informed career decisions.

As the world changes rapidly and new careers emerge, it is crucial for students to have access to comprehensive career exploration tools. Be More Colorful’s CareerViewXR is leading the way in providing an immersive and accessible solution. With their dedication to innovation and expanding access to transformative education, Be More Colorful is shaping the future of career exploration and ensuring that students are prepared for the opportunities ahead.