Bailieborough Community School recently organized a workshop with Dublin City University and the Town Centre First Initiative to introduce students to virtual reality (VR) technology. Led by Caroline Brady, a digital media advocate, the workshop aimed to expand students’ horizons and equip them with digital skills for success in the modern world.

The VR workshop allowed students to immerse themselves in virtual experiences using VR headsets. These experiences entertained and challenged students with problem-solving tasks under pressure.

One task involved defusing a bomb in the virtual world, testing critical thinking and quick decision-making. Another exercise focused on public speaking, with students delivering speeches to a virtual audience of 120 people. This unique experience provided valuable feedback on their public speaking skills and allowed them to improve their communication abilities.

Joanne McGovern, the Transition Year (TY) coordinator, expressed satisfaction in offering students the chance to explore VR technology. McGovern believes such experiences expand students’ horizons and equip them with digital skills for the modern world. Bailieborough Community School recognizes the importance of digital technologies in enhancing students’ learning experiences.

Caroline Brady’s involvement extends beyond the school grounds as part of the Town Centre First Initiative. This initiative aims to create vibrant town centers and Brady is committed to involving younger and older generations in various projects. Her vision includes introducing the town’s older generation to virtual reality technology, bridging the digital divide and ensuring everyone benefits from advancements in the digital space.

The VR workshop served as an exciting introduction to the potential of virtual reality for the students of Bailieborough Community School. Their enthusiasm for this cutting-edge technology was evident as they fully embraced the VR experience. The workshop enhanced their technological literacy and fostered their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills.

Looking ahead, Bailieborough Community School plans to continue integrating digital initiatives and new technologies into their curriculum. With a focus on developing students’ digital media literacy and skill sets, the school aims to equip them with the necessary tools to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

The VR workshop was just the beginning of Bailieborough’s journey into virtual reality. As the town’s commitment to digital initiatives grows, residents can expect further advancements in technology that will enhance various aspects of their lives, from education to business and beyond.

In conclusion, the recent VR workshop at Bailieborough Community School provided an exciting opportunity for students to explore virtual reality technology. Through collaboration with Dublin City University and the Town Centre First Initiative, the school aims to develop students’ digital media literacy and prepare them for the digital age. With Caroline Brady’s dedication to promoting digital media and bridging the digital divide, Bailieborough is poised to embrace the potential of virtual reality and reap its benefits in the years to come.