Azerion and Huawei have partnered to reshape the gaming and advertising industries. This collaboration aims to deliver innovative solutions and experiences by leveraging their strengths in advertising, ad tech, and gaming.

The partnership brings together two industry giants with a shared vision of transforming the gaming and advertising landscape. With Azerion’s expertise in digital advertising and Huawei’s advanced technologies, the collaboration will drive advancements in user experiences and monetization.

Azerion’s platform offers a range of casual games tailored to different age groups. Casual gaming is popular due to its accessible entertainment. With Azerion’s collection of free casual games, users can expect an enjoyable gaming experience.

The initial focus of the partnership is the 11.5 million monthly active users of HUAWEI Browser in Europe. Azerion aims to provide this user base with an engaging casual gaming experience using Huawei’s technologies. The collaboration aims to foster a deeper connection between users and the brand.

To ensure a seamless gaming experience, Azerion’s collection of free casual games will be exclusively monetized through its premium demand. This allows uninterrupted gameplay while effectively monetizing Azerion’s advertising solutions. With Huawei’s technology, cross-platform games will adapt to mobile user behavior, enhancing user engagement.

The partnership recognizes the power of games as a retention tool. Games captivate users and create a lasting bond with the brand. This understanding has led to exploring synergies between the companies’ product suites, paving the way for game innovation in the future.

Beyond gaming, the collaboration aims to accelerate advertising business growth in the European Union. Huawei’s quick link technology provides immediate access to puzzle and casual games for free, offering a seamless gaming experience. Azerion’s advertising solutions, combined with Huawei’s technology, unlock opportunities for effective monetization.

With Huawei’s global technology status and Azerion’s position as a top EU provider of engaging entertainment, this partnership has immense potential. By leveraging their strengths, the two companies are poised to revolutionize the gaming and advertising landscape.

This strategic partnership marks an exciting chapter in the gaming and advertising industries. With their combined expertise and cutting-edge technologies, the collaboration aims to deliver innovative solutions and experiences. Users can anticipate engaging casual games, seamless integration, and effective monetization within the Huawei environment. This partnership sets the stage for a future where gaming and advertising converge, creating new possibilities for both companies and users.