Arte, a TV channel from France and Germany, has made a surprising entry into the video game industry, establishing itself as a major player. By focusing on smaller games and working with independent studios, Arte has gained recognition and respect in the gaming community. By creating thought-provoking games that tackle political issues and supporting talented developers, Arte has become a creative force.

Arte’s journey into gaming began in 2013 with their first game, “Type:Rider.” This game takes players on a captivating journey through the history of typography, exploring everything from ancient cave paintings to modern pixel art. With a focus on culture and liberal causes, “Type:Rider” set the stage for Arte’s future in gaming. The channel continued to release impactful games, such as “Bury Me, My Love,” which explores the Syrian refugee crisis. These games have received critical acclaim, solidifying Arte’s position in the gaming world.

What sets Arte apart is its editorial strategy. The channel actively seeks out projects that align with its values and provides financial and editorial support to ensure the games reflect its vision. This collaborative approach has resulted in 17 co-productions with independent studios, showcasing Arte’s dedication to nurturing talent and fostering innovative ideas.

Arte’s interest in gaming goes beyond creating impactful games. The channel is also exploring the possibilities of the metaverse and immersive technologies. With plans to expand its projects using these emerging technologies, Arte aims to push the boundaries of storytelling and create unique interactive experiences.

In terms of investment, Arte has made significant contributions to the gaming industry. The channel invests between 100,000 to 300,000 euros in individual games, showing its commitment to supporting independent developers and their visions. This financial support, combined with Arte’s strong social media presence and early adoption of video-on-demand, provides a solid platform for these games to reach a wider audience.

Arte’s dedication to gaming is evident in its annual digital budget of 10-15 million euros. This investment allows the channel to continue producing high-quality games and explore new avenues within the industry. Adrien Larouzee, Arte’s digital projects chief, sees video games as a powerful medium to reach audiences that may not traditionally watch TV or consume documentaries. This forward-thinking approach has positioned Arte as an innovative leader.

Furthermore, Arte’s influence extends beyond its own games. The channel has published other literary games, further establishing itself as a champion of creativity and diversity in the gaming landscape.

As Arte continues to make waves in the gaming industry, its commitment to smaller games and collaboration with independent studios will shape the future. With a focus on culture, liberal causes, and immersive technologies, Arte is poised to redefine storytelling and create experiences that resonate with a wide audience.

In a world where traditional media and interactive entertainment are merging, Arte’s venture into gaming shows its commitment to innovation and meeting the changing needs of its audience. As we await Arte’s next project, it is clear that this French-German TV channel has carved out a unique space in the gaming world, bridging television and video games in a captivating way.