I wear a lot of hats with my work at both the Panxora hedge fund and advising on the IMERS project. But I try to treat myself every day to at least one 15-minute trading competition. Try to win some gems, get hold of some IMERS coins.

Unfortunately, the kind of market I am good at trading is one where there are definite moves up or down even. This kind of market we’re in at the moment where it whipsaws all over the place are really hard for me to trade!

What I’ve started doing is pull up really short-term charts for all the markets you can trade in the competitions. There is usually one crypto (yesterday it was Z-cash) that was more definite about its direction than the others.

So, I leveraged up on Z-cash. Since you have $10,000 to trade with and you are allowed to leverage two times the amount of virtual dollars in your account that meant I could hold about 300 tokens.

Trading @ $64.00 this gave me a position of short $19,200 USD, long 300 ZEC.

Guess what?

The market came off just long enough to throw me to the bottom of the heap. So I did NOT win any gems yesterday.

Anyone interested in trying to catch me in a competition should log into the IMERS.land game at around 7PM London time during the week. I’m Amazon Princess18 in the game.

We’re thinking about making 5-minute sprint games. What do you think?