We are continuing to make improvements to the immersive VR trading hub to get it ready so that all of you can start playing with it, testing it out.

Right now we are making improvements to the place order pad. Development starts with simplified functionality that is added to over time. Up until now you could only place market orders. We are now adding Limit and Stop Orders and a way to enter numbers. Obviously, it’s important that entering numbers into the hub is both quick and accurate. And all of you who use VR know that it’s an entirely different type of interface to what we were used to when working on a keyboard and screen. So this took quite a bit of thought. Right now numbers will be added through the handsets but in the future I think it makes sense to add options like being able to talk to the hub and get it to confirm your order that way. Totally doable in time.

But this is a crucial step in the improvement process.

BTW I’m looking forward to meeting many of you on the 15th at our ALTVR.com event.