Traders who use IMERS, immersive VR trade at an advantage over other more conventional traders for myriad reasons. Traders who have worked on exchange trading pits say that the immediacy of immersive VR feels similar to trading on the floor.

When you worked in the pit, you’d listen, with half an ear to the trading going on in adjacent markets that might affect the market activity of your own. The behaviour of the dozens of runners and brokers that were all part of the exchange mechanism would alert you to risks or opportunities seconds before prices started moving. This gave exchange traders an advantage over the general public which had to wait for that information to filter down onto a price screen before they could act on that information.

Also, when you trade in the immersive trading hub you are surrounded by information. Not only price information but you can arrange to listen to news feeds while you watch price action from various markets. That information is literally at your fingertips and gives insight into market behaviour that will become a necessary part of your trade decision making.

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