What is Imers?

IMERS.land is the world’s first virtual reality crypto trading game and metaverse. In IMERS traders work together in Guilds to create trading strategies and learn how to be the best trader. The ultimate goal is to win big cash prizes for excellence in trading. There are all kinds of trading games to play and a metaverse to explore where you’ll meet fellow traders and learn about new developments in crypto.

But to get involved you’ll need to start or join a Guild. To do that you will need to stake tokens to found a Guildhall in the metaverse. Later this year the game will officially launch, but if you join IMERS.land now you will be able to earn all the IMERS tokens you’ll need to stake a Guildhall and automatically qualify for big prize trading games.

All you need to do is spread the word about IMERS.land to all your crypto pals. Join IMERS to start earning tokens today!