Frequently Asked Questions

What coins can you trade in the competitions?

These are the five coins you can currently trade in the competitions:

  • BTC
  • ETC
  • ETH
  • OMG
  • ZEC

Want to request other coins be added to the game. Join our Discord and let us know.

Does it cost anything to play IMERS?

No, it doesn’t cost anything to play the game.

How long are the competitions?

There will be varying lengths of competitions to suit different trading styles. The first competitions are already running with an aim to get people used to using the immersive trading hub. Over time we will also be running hour long competitions, allowing traders to participate over a short period of time for lower prize levels. And ultimately we will also be running much longer term competitions with higher prize levels that will test traders long term strategies and positions.

What are the competition prizes?

IMERS is built on CyberTools technology and when you join CyberTools you get access to the tools and the game.

Are the game assets NFTS?

Yes, everything from the tokens you hold through to the assets you hold within the game will be will be held within a Web3 wallet. This means the Guildhalls, assets in the Guildhalls, the trophies – all held in a Web3 wallet.

Why do I need a CyberTools account to play the IMERS metaverse game?

All prizes will be distributed as IMERS tokens. Before the launch of the token your account will be credited with IMERS. Holding IMERS even before the token is launched will allow you to bid for land and Guild buildings. Once the token is launched there will be an integrated web3 wallet allowing you to then swap IMERS for other tokens.

Can I buy IMERS tokens now?

You will be able to buy IMERS tokens after the launch. But you can start earning IMERS right now. When you join CyberTools you get 100 IMERS. Every other action you take that spreads the word about the project earns IMERS and gets you closer to your first Guildhall.

How can I start a Guild?

Guilds need a Guildhall where you work together in your private trading hub and plan together in your private Guildhall lounge. Watch for the notification that Guildhall staking is starting and state your interest in obtaining the deed to the Guildhall plot that is available.

Can I own more than one Guildhall?

You are in complete control of how RMaaS handles additional profits. When the market drops in price against fiat so that you could buy more of a targeted digital asset, you need to go into the advanced asset management tab under the ACCOUNTS [soon to be renamed ACCOUNT SETTINGS] menu.

Under this menu you can choose exactly how to allocate extra returns – reinvest everything in your current portfolio of digital assets, keep additional profits in fiat, or identify new tokens you want to add to your protected portfolio. The CyberTools system will be able to display all the assets available on that cryptocurrency exchange. 

Are all Guildhalls the same?

The older and more established the Guildhall, the higher the prize multiplier is used in the determination of awards. That means there is a big benefit to staking an early release Guildhall.

How many members can a Guild have?

A basic Guild can have up to 5 members with 5 chances of winning IMERS tokens in trading contests, tournaments and other events. It is one story tall and it has a small lounge. The more successful your Guild becomes and the more members that want to join increases the potential status of your Guild. You can choose to add floors to your Guildhall. More floors, more room for NFT trophies, a nicer, larger lounge, more chances to win competitions. Remember, when a Guild member wins a competition not only do they get the prize, their Guild wallet gets the same prize. 

The most powerful Guilds have multiple stories Guildhalls with penthouse apartments owned by the stakeholders.

How valuable could an IMERS Guildhall be?

Each Guildhall is the portal to the big ticket trading competitions. Trading in any competition from a Guildhall supercharges any contest win. When a Guild member wins a competition they get IMERS tokens. Also, the Guild wallet receives the same payout. IMERS for the contest winner and the same number of IMERS for the Guild. This is for ALL competitions regardless of size.

Can my Guild challenge another Guild to a trading contest?

When the game gets underway you will be able to engage in inter-guild games where you set the IMERS wager as well as the other terms of engagement.

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How much do Guildhalls cost?

There are three elements to Guildhall costs.

  1. Purchase of the land
  2. Staking required for Guild
  3. In the future, there are the assets you can purchase to enhance the Guildhall and make it unique. Firstly, the purchase of the land will be by the Dutch auction. That means that bidding will start at a price level, but that price will slowly decline until somebody purchases the plot. So, it could go as low as near to zero early on, while people are building up their stock of IMERS. We expect the early land auctions to be quite cheap. It is difficult to say what that price will eventually be because it is likely to rise as the game gains popularity. Then people will jump in earlier and the price of the building plot will increase. Once you have got the land it’s pretty straightforward. A Level One Guild, which allows up to five traders, is worth a thousand IMERS. Those IMERS tokens are staked not spent. So, your IMERS still sit in your wallet but the smart contract for the token is written and that can be staked or locked in the wallet. It remains locked for as long as you have that first Level Guild. Go to a Level Two Guild with up to 10 traders – it is worth two thousand. Level Three Guild with up to 15 traders – 4,000. It gets progressively more expensive in staking terms as members increase. But the benefit is that if you have 10 people in a guild, for instance, that’s 10 chances to win at competitions because all Guild partners get a commission on their win and the Guild Treasury also gets a commission. Precisely, the larger the Guild grows, the more wealthy those Guild members will be.
Can I trade IMERS on an exchange?

The token will be launched on day one as in-game token only. Over time, there will be a public sale on an exchange that will launch the IEMRS token as a token project. At that point, your inventory of IMERS tokens can be traded for other assets outside of the game.