8 November 2022 script
18 August 2022 script

Thank you for joining us today. I’m Marcie Terman, a partner in the Panxora crypto hedge fund and one of the founders of the IMERS VR trading game.
We’re running these events to introduce new people to the game and to answer questions from people that are already playing.
The IMERS game is based on 15, 30 and 60 minute crypto-trading matches between you and 7 other traders. You can play in the VR trading hub which is the most fun, but you can also play on
So whenever you have some time to spare you can jump into the game. Winners are not only announced in-game, they are displayed on the IMERS Discord. Most important, the best traders win IMERS tokens which can be used to found a Guild, purchase IMERS metaverse land, build and furnish a Guildhall where you can meet with members of your Guild and display all the NFT trophies you win in the game.

IMERS has 3 really cool things about it.
#1 LIVE MARKET PRICES. We feed prices from the world’s biggest exchanges into the game. And each day the game is different depending on what is going on in the markets.
If the market is going up, its fun scanning the charts and picking the winning coins. You can leverage or double up on your trades to make the most out of a strong day. Of course markets rarely move up in a straight line so if the market dips after you’ve bought you will lose money twice as fast.
If crypto is having a stinker of a day (like today) then you can go short which means betting on coins that are falling in value.
And on those days when markets are whipsawing like mad – Up – DOWN – back up again the people that do best are skilled day traders who know how to buy and sell quickly to take a lot of little profits out of the market.
Point # 2 – You play with VIRTUAL MONEY! You and everyone your trading against gets $10,000 virtual dollars to play with. But the game FEELS SO REAL it’s a great way to learn how to trade or to improve your trading skills.

Number 3 and (I think) the coolest thing about the game is trading in Immersive virtual reality where you are surrounded by all the information you need to make your decisions – News feeds, charts, a floor to ceiling price wall that you can customize to show the coins you like to trade.
Now what about prizes?
IMERS games are played around the world and around the clock and you can compete in as many matches as you like. Every time you – win you get gems. There are 3 gem prizes in each IMERS match. And every day at midnight UTC, we award the top gem winners from the previous day IMERS tokens.
So play whenever you can find the time and you’ll have the best chance of winning IMERS.
And you will NEED 200 IMERS to start a NOMAD Guild. In time you will be able to sell IMERS on exchanges but before that, you want to win as many IMERS as possible to secure land and build Guildhalls in the IMERS metaverse.

And that’s the other half of the game – the IMERS metaverse. The metaverse is where you plot and plan, build Guildhallss and the strategies you will need to dominate the long term game and the other players.

You have to be in a Guild to take part in the big IMERS games with really big prizes.
There are around 20 Guildhalls on each Plaza.
111 Plazas in each city and Cities are the building blocks of the IMERS metaverse.
What you see behind me is Prime Plaza. This is the centre of These Guildhalls are samples we’ve built with NFT trophies on them so you can get an idea of what they could look like. The spaces in PRIME PLAZA will be the first sold and the most valuable properties in the IMERS metaverse.

It is our hope that people will develop diversified trading Guilds where they will use their talents together to increase their winnings. And that is key to the IMERS game. Trading on your own you can win prizes. But when you are a member of a trading Guild, any time a Guild member wins a prize, all of your fellow Guild members get a commission on that prize so it’s to your benefit to work together with other good traders.

Then, if you have a five member Guild – That’s 4 additional chances to win. A larger Guild with more traders, especially if you find good people to work with, all brings you additional chances of winning and dominating your Plaza in the game.

And remember Guild membership gets you into the big prize games.

The land auctions in Prime Plaza will start shortly so you’ll want to start collecting IMERS to be ready to take part.
Step one Win as many matches as you can to collect gems and coins.
Step two Tell your friends about the game. I don’t know if you noticed, but if you register on you got 100 IMERS coins. On the community page of the APP you will find an affiliate code. If you give that to your friends that register on the APP instead of 100 IMERS, they will get 125 for signing up. And you get 25 IMERS for introducing them.
Step threeJoin Discord then add your Discord handle into the community page of and you get IMERS for joining the Discord. Follow us on twitter, facebook, linkedin, Telegram –that gets you more IMERS.
You can hold onto it for the future or you can get metaverse land.

Then you can found a Guild. In fact, you could found a Guild, build another Guildhall and rent it out to someone who is willing to pay for the prestige of playing from one of the oldest guildhalls but joined the community after you.

That is just a brief overview of the game. There’s a lot of other features that we are planning, like the interiors of the Guildhalls which will include both private and public spaces that you can design to express the personality of your Guild. Web3 integration and NFT prizes that are unique, fun and we hope will be the envy of your friends. We’re working on partnerships with exchanges and new tokens that will sponsor exciting new trading games. These exchanges will be using the trading hub for live trading so that will make your experience in the trading hub even more useful.
But the long and the short
You have the potential to be a part of something that spreads around the world making crypto trading – actually all trading more accessible, more fun and maybe more effective for everybody. If this is something you would like to be part of, start your game account on today.

IMERS is on SIDEQUEST so please take a moment to give us a 5 star rating. If you need help getting up and running let us know on Discord and my team will be glad to help you.
You can play in VR or on the competition page of the web app, so even if you don’t have time to pop into VR you can still win some more IMERS.

Now I want to meet you guys and find out more about you. You might want to start talking to possible Guild partners. We’d also be glad to answer your questions.