18 August 2022 script

Thank you for joining us today. I’m Marcie Terman, a partner in the Panxora cryptocurrency hedge fund and one of the advisors through Panxora Digital Ventures to the IMERS cryptocurrency trading game.
We’re running these events to introduce people to the game, to let you know about new game developments and to show people how to play.
As time goes on the game will have lots of new features and prize types. Right now we’re doing a bunch of different short competitions. Any time you want to practice or play, jump into the Immersive VR trading hub. If you select – PLAY GAME you’ll be matched against up to seven other traders playing in their instance of the VR trading hub. It’s designed to have these short game sprints kick off every few minutes throughout the day.

There are several cool things about the sprints.
First thing. They’re based on live price feeds. This means every sprint will be different depending on what the markets are doing. If the market is roaring its going to be a race to see which coins you should pick to hold onto while the timer counts down. Players can leverage their positions which means doubling up on the size of your bet to make the most out of the uptrend. Of course markets rarely move up in a straight line so if the market goes against you, you fail twice as fast.
If the markets are falling then people are going to short the coins that are having the worst day, trying to profit from the fall or trying to find the tokens that are moving against the falling trend and when markets are moving sideways, can’t decide what they are going to do the winners are going to be those people that are good at the hardest type of trading of all, scalping in and out of a lot of trades grabbing lots of little profits.
Second point each trader starts with an account of $10,000 virtual dollars. So, you are playing the game with virtual money. But because the game FEELS SO REAL it’s a great, low risk way to learn how to trade or to work on improving your trading skills.

And the third point and (I think) the coolest thing about the competitions is that you are placing your trading bets right in the IMERS immersive virtual reality trading hub where you are surrounded by all the information you need to make your decisions – News feeds, charts, a floor to ceiling price wall with real time prices from the entire cryptocurrency market.
So short sprints are the first type of game, Even though you are in your own trading hub, you will be able to track how the other traders are doing and adjust your strategy to give yourself the best chance to win.

Now onto prizes.
Competitions are played around the world and around the clock and you can compete in as many sprints as you want to build up gems. Dip in and out throughout the day, play when you have time. The top 3 winners in each sprint get gems and every day the top winners with the most gems will receive IMERS token prizes.
In time IMERS will be exchange traded but before that, winning competitions is one of the best ways to earn the IMERS you will need to secure land in the metaverse.

The other half of the game is the IMERS metaverse. This is where you plot and plan, build Guilds and the strategies you will need to dominate the game and the other players.

Guilds are built on Guildhall land in plazas, each holding about 20 Guildhalls.
Plazas make up cities and Cities are the building blocks of the metaverse.
What you see behind me is Prime Plaza. This is the centre of Prime plaza has 20 Guildhalls in it or will have 20 Guildhalls for the first auction winners. No one actually owns these Guildhalls now. These are samples we’ve built with NFT trophies on them so you can get an idea of what they could look like. Though ultimately the members of the Guilds will decide what the Guildhalls looks like. Like many things about the Guilds, the members make decisions about them and how they run. Like mini DAOs.

It is our hope that people will develop diversified trading Guilds where they will use their talents together to WIN. And that is key to the IMERS game. Trading on your own can win you prizes. But when you are a member of a trading Guild, any time a Guild member wins a prize, all of their fellow Guild members get a commission on that prize so it’s to your benefit to work together to become more profitable

Then, five members in a Guild. That’s 4 additional chances to win. A larger Guild with more traders, especially if you find good people to work with, who bring unique skills to the group, all brings you additional chances of winning and dominating your plaza in the game.

Another benefit of being in a Guild is that this is the only way you can compete in the month long trading marathons which have really big token prizes.

Auctions will start in about a month.
So you’ll want to start collectingIMERS so that you will be ready to bid part in the auctions.
Step one Win sprints & competitions – get gems & tokens.
Step two Tell your friends about the game. I don’t know if you noticed, but if you registered on the IMERS computer APP you got 100 IMERS. On the community page of the APP you will have a personal coupon code. If you give that to your friends that register on the APP instead of 100 IMERS, they will get 125 for signing up. And you get 25 IMERS for introducing them. These next perks will not be in place forever, but right now you can get IMERS by joining the discord and putting your Discord handle into the APP. Follow us on twitter, facebook, linkedin, Telegram –that gets you more IMERS.
You can hold onto it for the future or you can get metaverse land.

Then you can found a Guild. In fact, you can found a Guild, and build another Guildhall and rent it out to someone who is willing to pay for the prestige of playing from one of the oldest guildhalls but joined the community after you.

That is just a brief overview of the game. There’s a lot of other features that we are planning, like the interiors of the Guildhalls which will include both private and public spaces that you can design to express the personality of your Guild. Web3 integration and NFT prizes that are unique, fun and we hope will be the envy of your friends. We’re developing partnerships with exchanges that will sponsor competitions with big prizes. These exchanges will be using the trading hub for live trading so that will make the games even more useful experience.
But the long and the short
You have the potential to be a part of something that spreads around the world making crypto trading – actually all trading more accessible, more fun and maybe more effective for everybody. Our team is drawn both from the Panxora hedge fund and from top flight game studios and VR developers that are devoted to making an amazing experience for you.
If this kind of vision is something you would like to be part of, I hope you will join our Discord and create an account on

IMERS is now on SIDEQUEST so you can find and rate us there. If you need help getting up and running let us know on Discord and my team will be glad to help you.
Or if you want to completely or partially run the game from the web2 version through the app on your computer that’s easy to do as well.

Now I want to meet you guys and find out more about you. You might want to start talking to possible Guild partners. We’d also be glad to answer your questions.